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Awn! Thank you! You’re too nice!

naruto pls stop
Anonymous Asked: haha oh sorry about that >.< i didn't know you already put them in specific colours! yeah, maybe you should put up a guide if you have time to ^^ thank you ^^

No problem~ I will anon-san, thanks for the suggestion>3<

Anonymous Asked: hmm maybe just to make your notes clearer, you can put a specific colour for each character? orange-naruto blue-sasuke pink-sakura etc c: just a suggestion! :)

Ah… I… kinda… do that already lol. Hm… I’m not sure if maybe some colours get mixed up? Eh, sorry for that^^”



The day Sasuke graduated from Uni and became Dr.Snake

stoP it I cAn’t ahaaaahahhaHAHAHhhahahhah
Bet you can&#8217;t guess.
Sasuke is just messing around. Srsly.
remember when i used to post notes here? yeah, neither do i -shot-
Sasuke hates bitches, go away.
Aw&#8230; it was art.
KakaIru note <3
  • Kakashi: Yo!
  • Iruka: What do you want, Kakashi?! I'm in the middle of teaching!! And why are we passing a note like 11 year olds?
  • Kakahi: I like you, Iruka.
  • Iruka: What? Uhm...why me? I'm just a chunin school teacher. You're...Copy Ninja Kakash!'re not my type at all! You're lazy, you're late to everything, and you read those inappropriate books!
  • Kakashi: But you're my type! You're an amazing teacher, you like to cook, and I love your nose scar. I think it's sexy ;D
  • Iruka: You're making my student's wonder why I'm blushing!
  • Kakashi: I can make you blush more! Go out on a date with me?
  • Iruka: O-Okay...
  • Kakashi: Great! I'll pick you up later and we'll go out!
  • Iruka: And just so you know, I think all your scars are sexy.
  • Kakashi: Uhm...Iruka, you haven't seen all my scars.
  • Iruka: I'm sure I will tonight. Shit, I'm blushing again! I'll see you at 7 Kakashi. DON'T BE LATE!
  • Kakashi: I would never be late for you, Dolphin! <3
SasuNaru note <3
  • Sasuke: Naruto!
  • Naruto: What?!
  • Sasuke: -_- Did you remember to turn off the stove when you made ramen this morning?
  • Naruto: ...O___O
  • Sasuke: DOBE!
  • Naruto: I'M SORRY!
  • Sasuke: Our house is gonna catch on fucking fire one of these days!
  • Naruto: Lee lives next door! If there's a fire, he'll call 911!
  • Naruto: I said I was sorry, Teme! :(
  • Sasuke: UGH...I can't stay mad at you.
  • Naruto: =^_^=
  • Sasuke: Stop making smiley faces look like you.
  • Naruto: I'mcute!
  • Sasuke: True, but stop. It's annoying.
  • Naruto: You're so mean!!
  • Sasuke: ...I'll make it up to you later ;D
  • Naruto: .____. What time is class over?
  • Sasuke: Lol I love you, Dobe.
  • Naruto: Love you too, Sasuke (:
Lee, Naruto, and Sasuke note.
  • Lee: Hello, Sakura (:
  • Naruto: Lee, don't do it.
  • Lee: Naruto? Will you please pass this note to Sakura?
  • Naruto: Listen bro, me and Sasuke talked, and we decided you're too good for her. She doesn't deserve you.
  • Lee: Really?
  • Sasuke: Trust us, Lee, we've been in a group with her for way too long. She's a useless bitch.
  • Lee: Huh...I guess so...
  • Naruto: And all she does is think about Sasuke >:/
  • Sasuke: You seem jealous, Naruto.
  • Naruto: THIS IS ABOUT LEE!
  • Lee: So you and Sasuke think I should like someone else?
  • Sasuke: Lee, we know you like her, but she's just gonna end up hurting you, man.
  • Lee: Okay...I trust you guys as fellow Shinobi!! Naruto really jealous of you, Sasuke? x3
  • Naruto: NO. I'm...jealous of Sakura.
  • Sasuke: ...What?
  • Naruto: .___. Maybe you, Sasuke...
  • Lee: That's so cute!!
  • Sasuke: Naruto...Why didn't you tell me?
  • Naruto: I didn't know what you would say...
  • Sasuke: ...I've loved you for 3 years...
  • Lee: This is getting good!
  • Naruto: You have?! I love you too, Sasuke!!
  • Lee: AWWWWWW!!
  • Sasuke: Lee...I will chidori your face if you don't shut up.
  • Lee: But it's wonderful to see two youth in love!
  • Naruto: Lee, speaking of love, I hear Hinata has the hots for you!
  • Lee: O_O Really? Gee, I...I guess she's kinda pretty :3
  • Sasuke: There you go!! ...Does this mean we can kill Sakura?
  • Naruto: ...I'm game!
  • Lee: ...Me too!
  • AHHHHHHHH lol this is so lame xP But I love it <3
Sakura is so clever&#8230;